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Braymerica UAV Aerial Inspections
A sample of aerial photography by Braymerica
  Why use a UAV's               

  We are able to fly at much slower speeds and lower altitudes,enabling them to capture higher quality photos.
  Better for the environment,they cause less noise and air pollution,and use significantly less fuel/energy. NO Cranes with buckets and save time and money.
Contact us about our services.
We can stream live video to your PC or Smart phone.   
                                                       Wind Turbine Inspection
                                                       Cell Towers
                                                       Roof Inspection
                   We can also locate Cattle,Live stock,Check Fence lines,Ponds,Acreage.

                                        We are registered with the FAA and ready to fly!  

We invite you to contact us  850-621-4211 with your specific needs or any questions that you might have. We’ll work with you to make your project goals a reality and will commit our entire organization to the word “on” – on time, on target and on budget.
Please Go to  or call 850-621-4211