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This winter drain your pump or let us do it for you!
 When winter arrives, call us to drain & wrap your pump! It only takes 2 nights of below freezing temperatures to crack a pump housing and/or a seal plate. 
*Sta-Rite will NOT warranty cold weather damage of any kind!*

   Although no amount of preparation is 100% fail safe, Braymerica Irrigation can drain and wrap your pump to provide you the best protection possible. 

   We have preformed many cold weather tests, and discovered when the air temperature is at freezing or below your pump housing will be 8-10 degrees colder.

   We have been doing this for many years with great success.
       *A pump on the North side of a house will have more cold and wind to deal with.
   *A pump in the shade takes longer to thaw out.
   *The longer the cold temperatures persist the more likely you will sustain damage. 

   These things will Not protect your pump.
      1. Adding Anti-Freeze will damage the gaskets and seals.
2. Having it in just a box.
      3. Putting just a blanket over a pump,when the blanket gets wet it absorbs cold.