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Sta Rite Pumps
We sell and install STA-RITE pumps.
STA-RITE 1.5 pump with brass check valve.
STA-RITE 1hp Jet Pump
New jet package ready to be installed
 After Jet package is replaced and well casing adapter tightened.Then the well is filled up it should hold water and look like this.The water level will not drop.If it does you have a problem.Jet packages can be tricky to work on.
Old Jet Package. 
When they get this bad, they will clog the foot valve, which then will cause the system to lose pressure.
Things to know.
When working on a jet package.Many things can happen.On older wells a package can get stuck.Do to the well shifting over time or a coupling breaking while being removed can happen.It also depends who installed it and what type of materials were used.
If a jet package can not be removed the well.Then unfortunately you will have to have a NEW well drilled.